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Though it may seem like the school year just began, it's likely that you'll soon be in your first exam week of this term. If you want to do well, you should employ the tips below to improve your test taking skills.

How to Improve Your Test Taking Abilities

Write Your Name

This is a simple step, but it's one that many students forget about. Write your name down on the paper as soon as you get it, to avoid confusion, and so your test and grade aren't misplaced.

Read the Test

Often, students make mistakes on tests because they didn't read the instructions correctly. For that reason, you should first read your whole test (instructions, questions, possible answers, etc.), and ask the teacher if something isn't clear.

Answer Properly

Being sloppy with your answers, not following instructions, and more can ultimately affect the outcome of your test. Be sure to answer properly (as demanded, with legible letters and comprehensible phrases) to keep your grade up.

Begin Easy

A strategy that can help you is to answer the easier questions first. This will help you get them out of the way, and will allow you to spend more time on the complicated ones. Don't forget to mark those you skip so you can return to them.

Avoid Cheating

If you feel that the test is too challenging, you may think that cheating can help you. If you feel tempted to do it, however, remember that getting caught can have even greater consequences than a few wrong answers. Try your best, instead.

Review Your Work

Finally, if you have time, review the work you did before handing in your test. Re-read the whole test (instructions, questions, and your answers), and search for mistakes or things you can improve.

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